Jordan Thomas Foundation

Rebuilding children after traumatic injury.

Advocacy & Resources

Jordan is committed to changing the system so that amputees receive the care and prosthetics that they need to lead active and productive lives.



Jordan is very much interested in advocating for parity for prosthetics, i.e. having healthcare coverage for prosthetics the same as any other procedure versus the usual healthcare coverage as a durable, medical equipment with a lifetime limit of $1,000.

Jordan has been to Capitol Hill several times to meet with Senators and Congress to speak about parity and also the need for in hospital rehabilitation for amputees. Jordan partners with the Amputee Coalition of America to lead discussions and bring awareness about life as an amputee.

Personal Encouragement

Jordan also commits to call, meet and support other amputees and their families.

If you have someone that you would like Jordan to call to encourage, please email us. If you have avenues where you think Jordan may be useful as an advocate or mentor, please let us know and we will try to help. Jordan is a college student and is somewhat limited with his schedule, but he is adamant about helping where he can.

Washington, DC

Jordan and his parents in Washington, DC in 2015 advocating against the proposed Medicare changes to prosthetic provisions that would set the industry back 30+ years.