Jordan Thomas Foundation

Rebuilding children after traumatic injury.

Jordan’s Story

Jordan Thomas founded the Jordan Thomas Foundation at the age of 16 while recovering from the loss of both legs in a boating accident. He realized that there were other children in the hospital who would not have the advantages that he did and who would go home without the limbs that they needed to have a full, active, and happy life. So, he decided to do something about it.

A Thriving Foundation

Creating a foundation to provide prostheses for children of traumatic injury and limb loss (the mission of his foundation), was just the beginning. His family, friends, and many volunteers work with him every year since 2006 to support this mission by creating an event that generates $80-$100,000 - enough to provide for one or two more children through the age of 18, their growth years. Jordan actively serves on this event committee and as President of the Board of Directors to assure that each dollar is stewarded well and each recipient receives the prostheses that they need. He is a true, devoted volunteer, often calling in from college to be included in important decisions and to offer his suggestions and guidance.

He didn't stop there. He expanded his outreach and influence with great courage and devotion. He started going to Capitol Hill to speak about health care coverage for amputees. He speaks to civic clubs, community clubs and leadership conferences around the world (Dubai, Air Force Academy, etc). He started a partnership in Haiti to provide limbs to victims of the earthquake after receiving emails from around the world, asking him to lead the way for children in need. But most importantly, he mentors and encourages each recipient and their family, serving as a volunteer.

If you asked him, he wouldn't change a thing. It's his calling, he says. We all agree.