Jordan Thomas Foundation

Rebuilding children after traumatic injury.

Our Mission

The Jordan Thomas Foundation provides children affected by limb loss with the prostheses they need throughout childhood and adolescence, and serves as a caring resource, advocate and support system for these children and their families.

About Us

The Jordan Thomas Foundation seeks to help children in the Southeastern USA first but also provides support to children all over the United States as well as children from other countries who are in the US on medically sponsored visas.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation accepts applications, provided upon request through the website, and serves as the review and acceptance committee. Recipients must present documentation of financial need. Attending physicians and prosthetists are required to submit information on the application as well as the parent(s) or guardian.

The Foundation also has a one-time assistance program for young adults, ages 18-24 years old. The same application and requirements are used.

International Partnerships

A partnership with the Haiti Advantage Program, through Medical Teams International in Haiti, is the venue through which the foundation provides International Red Cross approved prosthetic kits to Haitians injured in the recent earthquake. A rehabilitation clinic in Les Cayes, headed by June Hanks, customizes each prosthesis and provides on-site rehabilitation and job training services.

The Jordan Thomas Foundation has doubled the size of the rehab lab and also raises money for the prosthetic kits as well as supports two amputee soccer teams in that same area.

Jordan, as part of his leadership role with the foundation and in conjunction with his studies at Rollins College, is investigating additional opportunities and roles for the foundation throughout the world, including partnerships in other countries as well as outreach and advocacy leadership opportunities.