Jordan Thomas Foundation

Rebuilding children after traumatic injury.

International Partnerships

Advantage Haiti

After receiving emails from around the world after the earthquake in Haiti, emails pleading with Jordan to help the children of Haiti get prostheses that they needed, Jordan and his foundation formed a partnership with Advantage Haiti.

Advantage Haiti had a rehab clinic still standing after the disaster. This clinic uses International Red Cross Prosthesis kits that can be sponsored and donated through our donation page. These kits, averaging in price from $100 - $250, can be easily customized to each recipient within a few days, and with about three weeks of therapy, have each recipient on their way to a new life. Children and adults alike are served, averaging 8-10 kits a month with prosthetics and 30+ a month with orthotics. In Haiti, overcoming limb loss is a difficult, life and career changing event with a social stigma. The rehab clinic counsels recipients as well as provides some job training for those that receive new limbs.

In addition to helping to provide prosthetic kits, the foundation initially funded the expansion and doubling in size of the lab used to customize the kits. The foundation receives support from several student groups to provide soccer outfits for two amputee soccer teams of 24 participants on each team. This effort is a great encouragement to the young people who live in a culture where soccer is so important to their well-being and identity.

The Jordan Thomas Foundation has completed its work in Haiti, accompanied by the withdrawal of our partner.  We are so pleased with the work we were able to accomplish there and look forward to another international partnership to provide prostheses for children.