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Ancient Prosthetics: The Beginnings of Amputee Care

Here at JTF, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest innovations in prosthetics, limb differences, and amputee care. That's why it's so interesting to take a trip through the past to learn about how ancient prosthetics have evolved through the course of history! Amputations go back to at least [...]

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The Jordan Thomas Foundation Golf Tournament is Coming Soon!

The Jordan Thomas Foundation is thrilled to announce the upcoming date and location for our annual Jordan Thomas Foundation Golf Tournament fundraising event! On Monday, September 25th, JTF will host our annual golf tournament at the Chattanooga Golf & Country Club. Chattanooga Golf & Country Club 1511 Riverview Road Chattanooga, TN 37405 [...]

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Prosthetics for Puppies (and Other Pets, Too!)

Blogger Dogger’s Editorial Note: Hey everyone! Elliott here! I’m not sure if you’ve been watching the news lately, but there’s been some interesting developments in the world of prosthetics for pets. One story has been made into a book called “Beauty and the Beak” about an eagle with a prosthetic beak. [...]

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Ruby was a victim of a house fire which resulted in losing her leg below the knee as well as several fingers. Her missionary sponsor heard about Jordan and his work, and contacted the foundation. When Ruby is here on medical visa, she gets an updated prosthesis and sometimes a new [...]

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Alaina had both legs severed in a farming accident. Her family provided for her first pair of prostheses by selling their house and moving in with another family. When she quickly outgrew her first set of legs, her prosthetist contacted the foundation about providing new legs for her. She was so [...]

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Noah had surgery on his leg due to a blood clot that formed from heart surgery when he was an infant. The doctors were not able to save his leg. After surgery, his doctor contacted the foundation for help with providing a prosthesis, one that bent at the knee and ankle since [...]

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Samantha needed a new prosthesis when her old one kept falling off on the playground. Since both of her parents lost their jobs at the same time, there was no insurance coverage to provide a growing girl with updated prostheses. Samantha and her family saw Jordan on TV, on CNN Heroes [...]

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