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The International Need for Children’s Prosthetics

As the Jordan Thomas Foundation develops and grows, we look forward to helping others around the world achieve the same things everyone wants: equal mobility and independence. There is an international need to help young people who may benefit from children’s prosthetics.

After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, emails came in from around the world, pleading with Jordan to help the children of Haiti get prostheses that they needed. At this time, The Jordan Thomas Foundation formed a partnership with Advantage Haiti.

“I see things that I think need fixing, like with our work in Haiti, and I need to address it.” says Jordan about JTF’s partnership with Advantage Haiti. “As soon as the earthquake happened there… our board discussed it and we knew of a rehab clinic that was still standing and a board member knew the director.”

Advantage Haiti was that rehab clinic. Still standing after the 7.0 magnitude quake, and over 50 aftershocks of over 5.0, this “little clinic that could” was about to meet a one Mr. Jordan Thomas and team.


The Jordan Thomas Foundation and it’s generous partners and supporters helped fund the purchase and distribution International Red Cross Prosthesis kits, averaging in price from $100 – $250, and easily customized to each recipient. Children and adults alike were served, averaging 8-10 kits per month with prosthetics and 30+ per month with orthotics.

In addition to helping to provide emergency prosthetic kits, JTF initially funded the expansion of the lab used to customize the kits. Recieving support from several student groups to provide soccer outfits for two amputee soccer teams of 24 participants on each team, this was a great encouragement to the young people living in a culture where soccer is so important to their well-being and identity.

The Jordan Thomas Foundation has completed its work in Haiti, and looks forward to another international partnership to provide prosthesis for children. “I think this foundation has made a huge difference in terms of the care still being provided to amputees in Haiti. Initially, we doubled the size of the lab and lab equipment so that they could meet the demand, and we still raise money for Red Cross approved prosthesis kits that are used there.” Comments Jordan.

The Jordan Thomas Foundation is interested in helping children all over the globe, not just in America. We believe that “the world is one place,” and through perseverance and dedication, we can make an impact. If you are interested in learning more about The Jordan Thomas Foundation, or have ideas you would like to bring to our Board, please contact us.