• Location: Dayton, TN
  • Age: 16
  • Type of Amputation: AK, right
  • Cause of Amputation: Blood clot in the heart as an infant
  • Accepted: 2009
  • Activities: Hip hop dancing, drumming

Noah had surgery on his leg due to a blood clot that formed from heart surgery when he was an infant. The doctors were not able to save his leg. After surgery, his doctor contacted the foundation for help with providing a prosthesis, one that bent at the knee and ankle since the one provided by state insurance did not bend and was no different than an immovable doll leg. The foundation helps Noah and his family when insurance doesn’t cover his prosthesis expenses.

Noah got his first movable leg when he was a crawler and needed to have some flexibility in order to learn to walk. Now, there is no stopping him. The only request Noah has ever had was to have a foot with a split toe so he could wear sandals like his parents. His wish was granted thanks to a generous donor. Noah also has a water leg that lets him swim and go to the water park. Noah says that Jordan is his hero.