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    Share your hopes and motivation here!

  • Chelsea Harfoush
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    Solar Powered Prosthetics is incredible technology!
    Engineers have developed a new way of harnessing the sun’s rays to power “synthetic skin” that they hope can be used to create advanced prosthetic limbs capable of returning the sense of touch to amputees.

    The researchers from the University of Glasgow had previously created “electronic skin” for prosthetic hands made from graphene, a highly flexible form of graphite that is only a single atom but stronger than steel.

    The new skin is more sensitive and uses natural energy from the sun’s rays instead of batteries currently used by similar materials.
    More Here:

  • ChelseaLH
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    Has anyone ventured onto Pinterest looking for information? There’s so much great stuff there, including medical advice, of course you always have to click through to the links to make sure it’s valid info 😉

  • marshall
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    Specialized prosthetics like these are amazing! This one is made specifically to help play the cello.

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