5K-ADEN is held every spring in Columbia, South Carolina.

Be on the look out for 2025 5K-ADEN Information in the spring!


Kaden Bagley's Journey

In 2021, at the age of 15, Kaden Bagley lost his right leg in a boating accident. With the help of the Jordan Thomas Foundation, he received prosthetic limbs and the necessary support to rebuild the active life he had before. In gratitude, Kaden and his family organized a 5K fundraiser to benefit JTF, aiming to help other kids facing similar challenges.

“I want kids who’ve been through the same thing as me to know their injury isn’t going to stop them. They can still do the things they love and excel at them,” said Kaden.

The Impact of the 5K-Aden Run

Since its inception, the 5K-Aden run has raised over $239,000 for the Jordan Thomas Foundation. Thanks to Kaden’s bravery, kindness, and dedication, many more kids now have the chance to live a life without limitations.

One of those JTF teens is Carson. Following a motorcycle accident in 2023 that resulted in the amputation of his right leg, Carson received active legs through the support of JTF. Kaden met Carson soon after his accident, providing hope for the future, and they quickly became great friends.

In 2024, Carson and his family partnered with Kaden to help organize and raise money for the 5K-Aden run/walk. JTF is incredibly fortunate to have such strong and inspiring teens in our program, who motivate others to persevere and thrive.

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