Love and affection are things every parent can provide. A prosthesis is something every parent can't.

The cost of prostheses can be a daunting figure. Depending on age, diagnosis and access to medical support — providing a prosthetic device for a child can cost between $10,000 and $50,000 annually and having insurance doesn’t guarantee access to the prostheses they need. Activity limbs and frequent replacement expenses are financial burdens many families simply cannot afford.


JTF Provides access to fundamental needs, something every child deserves.

  • Primary prosthesis (limbs that can be worn daily for normal activities) can cost $10,000-$50,000
  • Activity prosthesis are needed to run, swim and play sports but insurance companies do not cover this additional expense
  • Kids outgrow their prostheses, on average, every 18-24 months, but that could be even more often during growth spurts

Your gift empowers JTF Kids to live thier dreams and gives them a childhood filled with possibilities.

  • Your gift helps us provide prostheses to every JTF Kid throughout their growing years.
  • Your gift helps us hold insurance companies accountable and assures they provide more than the bare minimum to children living with limb differences.
  • Your gift gives kids the opportunity to do the things they love to do.
  • Your gift gives kids living with limb difference the chance to just be kids.

We believe in being transparent in everything we do. We have been recognized by Guidestar and Great Nonprofits for our work and we are happy to share our financials with our current and potential donors. Our Tax ID is 20-3498598.