The Jordan Thomas Foundation provides children living with limb loss and limb difference with the prostheses they need throughout childhood and adolescence, and serves as a caring resource, advocate and support system for these children and their families.

What kind of support do you provide?

JTF provides children living with limb loss and limb difference with the prostheses they need throughout their growing years while serving as a caring resource, advocate and support system for these children and their parents.

From providing specialized prosthetic devices that allow our recipients to participate in activities they are passionate about to paying for the activities themselves, we go beyond just simply supplying basic prostheses because we believe in creating a better quality of life for kids.

How can I help?

You can help by making a gift; telling others about our work in person or via social media (link to facebook and instagram); you can designate us as your charity of choice at AmazonSmile (link to AmazonSmile); hosting a virtual giving campaign online.

Where does my gift go?

Your gift directly supports our JTF Kids. We estimate that we will need $50,000 to $100,000 for each recipient to provide them the prostheses they need through age 18. We currently have 48 active JTF Kids. We would love to bring on every child that has a need, but as part of good stewardship practices, we need a plan for long term support for each new recipient before we make a commitment to them.

How do I apply to be a JTF Kid?

Prospective applicants can apply in a few ways:

  • The child’s prosthetist may refer them to JTF for acceptance by clicking here
  • The child’s doctor or therapist may refer them to JTF for acceptance
  • Individuals may refer themselves and request an application for support from the organization by clicking here.

Once a referral has been submitted to JTF, applicants will be given a link to an application. Recipients must complete the application in full as well as present documentation of financial need. Attending physicians and prosthetists are required to submit information on the application as well as the parent(s) or guardian.

JTF reviews all applications and decides on acceptance. Currently, applications are accepted on a rolling basis and decisions are made based on a number of factors including the organization’s ability to support the child until age 18.

How old can I be to become a JTF Kid?

JTF kids can be any age up to age 18. Once accepted, JTF commits to providing support for the child until they reach 18.

I am over 18, can I still apply?

JTF has a one-time assistance program for young adults, ages 18-24 years old. The same application and requirements are used.

Can I host a fundraising event to help JTF?

We welcome your help in providing prostheses for children. Our Board of Directors asks that you send us your idea for an event before you host it. Also, you may have the ‘proceeds’ from the event go to The Jordan Thomas Foundation. Please contact us at for more help. We will be happy to assist you.

I have a used prosthesis to donate. Where should I send it?

We are frequently asked this question. We do not recycle prostheses as there are strict health guidelines in the USA. However, we know of a few organizations that are able to recycle some prosthetic devices.

Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates
3160 Southgate Commerce Blvd Suite 34
Orlando, FL 32806

The Amputee Coalition has put together this info sheet with more resources

How can I stay informed about JTF?

Stay up to date on the events and the latest information concerning JTF by subscribing to our newsletter. Click here to sign up.

Are you a 501(c)3 Nonprofit?

Yes. JTF is a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our EIN is 20-3498598.