Getting a prosthetic device through us comes with a lot of baggage. Like support, community, understanding, caring...

JTF provides children living with limb loss and limb difference with the prostheses they need throughout their growing years while serving as a caring resource, advocate and support system for JTF Kids and their families.

From providing specialized prosthetic devices that allow our recipients to participate in activities they are passionate about to paying for the activities themselves, we go beyond just simply supplying the basic prosthesis because we believe in creating a better quality of life for kids.

We provide opportunities for kids to thrive.

We understand that having limb differences can be challenging for families. The initial costs… the replacement costs… the extra activity costs… all of these can become overwhelming and cost prohibitive. That is why we are committed to assuring that every child has access to the prostheses they need to do whatever they want to do in life! Limbs are not a luxury!

MeiMei at the pool

We create a caring community of support.

In addition to helping with the financial burden accessing prosthetic devices pose, we connect families with each other, helping them build connections with others living with limb loss and limb differences. Whether through our Parent Advisory Board or our private Facebook groups – we create a caring community of support for our JTF Kids and their families.

McNight Family

We advocate for insurance fairness.

Providing prostheses directly to kids is the most immediate way we can help them thrive. But in order to affect long term change, we are fighting for insurance fairness and holding insurance companies accountable. Insurance coverage that deems activity limbs ‘not medically necessary’ and limits prostheses replacement to arbitrary timelines does not have the best interest of the growing child in mind.