Noah C.

Six-year-old Noah LOVES his “robot legs!” Noah was born with hydronephrosis in one of his kidneys, which resulted in acute renal failure and cardiac arrest. Kids who experience cardiac arrest outside a hospital have an 8% chance of survival to hospital discharge, but Noah survived is thriving despite his limb differences. During his resuscitation, Noah received treatments that resulted in tissue death below his knees and subsequently became a bilateral above knee amputee at one month old. One of the nurses at the hospital fell in love with Noah and took him home to help him recover and then formally adopted him in January 2020. Noah’s mom tried finding quality prosthetic care for him but with the rate that Noah was growing and the lengthy wait from start to finish in manufacturing, it wasn’t a workable long-term solution. We are so happy to see Noah thriving with access to the prostheses he needs!