Noah C.

My name is Noah. I am 3 and a half years old and I LOVE my new “robot legs!” I was born with hydronephrosis in one of my kidneys and that resulted in acute renal failure and cardiac arrest. Kids who experience cardiac arrest outside a hospital have an 8% chance of survival to hospital discharge, but I survived mentally intact and I’m thriving in spite of my challenges! During my resuscitation, I received medicines in the IO needles in my legs that resulted in tissue death below my knees. Subsequently, I became a bilateral AKA at 1 month old. One of my nurses took me home from the hospital and helped me to get better and then she adopted me in January 2020. I tried establishing prosthetic care but I kept growing between fittings and it would be 3 months before they could provide only stubbies. I am so grateful to JTF for helping me finally get what I need!