Our JTF Ambassadors are an engaging, knowledgeable, and relatable group of JTF Kids dedicated to advancing the mission of our organization. They play a crucial role in helping us continue to tell our story, advocate for the limb loss community, and spread awareness about JTF within their home communities and beyond.


Throughout the year, JTF Ambassadors participate in a series of comprehensive trainings led by JTF staff and industry experts. These sessions cover a wide range of topics including the history of the foundation, effective storytelling, public speaking, social media strategies, fundraising techniques, and more. These trainings are designed to equip our Ambassadors with the skills and knowledge they need to represent JTF effectively and confidently


We are thrilled to offer this program as it provides our JTF Kids with invaluable opportunities to develop leadership experience, build confidence, and enhance their personal and professional growth. Through their involvement as JTF Ambassadors, these young leaders will not only contribute to the limb loss community but also gain essential life skills that will benefit them in all their future endeavors.

Our Ambassadors