For the Parents

Remember: The Jordan Thomas Foundation is here every step of the way, you are not alone in your journey. We are ready to provide support, resources and guidance, and ways to connect with others online. You can stay connected with the JTF community through our Facebook page, as well as receive updates about upcoming events, programs, and activities by following us on Twitter.

Helpful Online Resources for Parents & Kids

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite websites and links that offer support, guidance, and community.

Kids Camps

Limb loss is not easy, and for children living with limb loss, the feelings of self-consciousness about the way they look and their sense of flaws is more acute. Camp is a shared experience for many children, and camps especially for children with limb loss are a place where children can enjoy their time and find new friends who are going through the same experiences.

Places like No Limits are a great resource. Visit their website for more info.

Camp No Limits

NeedyMeds has a great list of retreats, camps, and recreational programs.

Camp Links
Books About Limb Differences

One Little Fin has a fantastic collection of books, and a great story about Gavin, the little boy who inspired this helpful blog

Free Handbook

“Children With Limb Loss – A Handbook For Families”

Download Book
Reaching Out to Jordan

Jordan also commits to call, meet and support other amputees and their families.If you have someone that you would like Jordan to call to encourage, please email us. If you have avenues where you think Jordan may be useful as an advocate or mentor, please let us know and we will try to help. You can also leave a question or message for Jordan over on our forum, located here: