Graham was born with PFFD and diagnosed early on with a class B classification, meaning his ankle and foot are both fully formed and functional but as a result, Graham was not a candidate for amputation. However, Graham has been wearing a prosthesis for help in balance and ambulation since he was a baby and learned to walk with his prosthetic device at 14 months. Since the age of two, Graham has been swinging a golf club and now, at the age of eight, he plays golf multiple days a week and loves the sport. He is a very active kiddo who also likes to do gymnastics, swimming, and running around like all kids his age, but feels limited by his limb difference and current prosthesis. Graham’s family is so grateful to be part of the JTF Family and are excited for him to have an activity limb and a more specialized, “golf-worthy” prosthesis that would allow him the ability to better himself at the sport he loves.