Owen H.

Meet Owen! Adopted from China in 2018, Owen, who also goes by the nickname Jojo (what he was
called in China) is now 9 years old and will be going into the third grade this fall. Jojo is a left below knee amputee and loves playing videogames, watching movies, and swimming! Like many young boys, Jojo is growing like a weed and needs adjustments to his prostheses every three months or so. JTF recently helped Jojo get a running blade for the summer which allows him to run with more ease, speed, and comfort alongside his friends and try different sports. He comes from a full house with four brothers and sisters, four dogs, and three cats and we are so happy to be able to provide him with the device he needs to keep up with them all. Jojo overcomes every obstacle that life has thrown at him and we love watching him grow over the years!